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Dr Gad Abraham


NHMRC Peter Doherty Early Career Fellow and Group Leader

Systems Genomics Lab
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute

Lab members:

  • Dr Wei Lu:

    Wei Lu I was trained as a molecular biologist in Beijing. After graduation I moved to Australia and worked many years for a start-up company developing vaccines of human diseases in Perth, Western Australia. During the past few years I had also worked on Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) data from human pathogens and performed in-depth bioinformatic analysis of genomics. Part of these work has been published in academic journal. Currently I am pursuing an academic degree of master in bioinformatics at The University of Melbourne.

  • Dr Sahar Araghi

    (visitor, together with David Balding)

  • Scott Ritchie:

    PhD student (co-supervisor with Mike Inouye)


  • Kevin Lu:

    Undergraduate summer student (together with David Balding)